our mission:

to give those who want recovery an opportunity to get it

Stephen picks up a yellow chip representing 6 months of sobriety

how it started

Our organization’s founder, Stephen, first encountered problems with drugs and alcohol at age 15, and they quickly began consuming his whole life. By the time he finished high school, he had already been to rehab twice – and this would only be the start of a years-long tour of over 25 treatment centers. 

Occasionally, there would be some short-term results, but more often recovery would last only as long as his stay in treatment. Eventually, he lost everything to the disease. Bled dry from the cost of all of these treatment centers, his parents had all but given up hope for him. His addiction had destroyed his business, and estranged him from his wife and children. With no job, no money, and nowhere to go he had hit rock bottom.

the solution

It was in this dark place that Stephen was reintroduced to something he thought he already knew and understood: the 12-step program and Alcoholics Anonymous. However, this time he had someone who taught him how to properly implement the program in his life, and it changed everything.

Helene and Phil, Stephen's parents, supported him in his effort to find recovery and later in his effort to help others.

It was more than going to meetings and talking about your problems, and there was more to the steps than what they hung on the walls. It took real study and real work – every day – to put the program into action. The work paid off, and he was able to rebuild his life. 

Then in 2001, he created our organization to prevent other families from enduring the emotional and financial hardship he had experienced by offering an alternative to the kinds of treatment centers that had failed him.

working with others

Stephen and his father Phil Sr., along with the help of the rest of their family, developed a recovery program based on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous with an emphasis on personal responsibility, self-discipline, and community. The Owl’s Nest was born. As a result of its success, what started as a residential program for men with just 12 beds quickly grew to over 150 beds with programs for both men and women.
The Owl's Nest program, now run by another organization, continues to be a leader in the world of recovery

Employing primarily people who had overcome alcoholism and addiction themselves gave our program the ability to reach and relate to people in a way that traditional treatment centers couldn’t. In addition, vocational rehabilitation and transitional living ensured that people completing the program were fully prepared to become a fully functioning member of society again.


Although running The Owl’s Nest for 15 years was an incredibly rewarding experience, we decided to move in a new direction after the loss of Phil Sr. Then, in the midst of this transition, we also lost Stephen in a tragic car accident. With both of these integral figures no longer with us, we needed a new vision and direction.

Stephen, remembering his own experiences at rock bottom, was most passionate about serving those who had nothing at all. He never turned away someone who wanted help just because they didn’t have the financial means if there was anything he could do about it. To honor this and all of the work that he and Phil Sr. did, we’ve created Rock Bottom Recovery Foundation.